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About Us

Chachoengsao Provincial Tourism and Sports Office Is a provincial government agency Under the Ministry of Tourism and Sports With the following powers and duties 1. Coordinate and perform duties as a representative of the Ministry of Regional Affairs. As well as coordinating, promoting and supporting the development of tourism, sports and recreation industries in the province area 2. Create a strategic plan for tourism, sports and recreation of the province. Including monitoring, evaluating and reporting on tourism, sports and recreation situations 3. Proceeding with the prevention and problem solving of tourism, sports and recreation in the province area by coordinating or collaborating with other related agencies, both government and private 4. Providing advice, advice and academic support to local administrative organizations Community network organization, people and other agencies That operates tourism, sports and recreation to develop knowledge and participation in tourism, sports and recreation in the province area 5. To comply with the laws that are under the responsibility of the Ministry and other relevant laws. 6. Take action on the secretary of the Tourism Development Board 7. Work with or support the work of other related agencies or assigned